Little Artistic Engineers Academy 

July 2022

Bibliotheek Neude, Utrecht Netherlands

A exhibition with Angelina Kumar and Mustafa ŞİMŞEKLER

In the 21st century technology is ingrained into every part of our lives, and it impacts and shapes who we are. This is even more so with children and how they grow and develop. We also live in a linear economy where electronics are disposed of
frequently due to consumerist behaviour and a lack of value and attention given towards where and how these electronics are made. The effect of this consumerist behaviour negatively spills over into our planet and how future generations will live. It is for this reason that Mustafa and Angelina have combined their skills to research and create a program that addresses these issues while equipping the future generation with the skills to transform perspectives and navigate their behaviour towards technology.

Want Utrecht Die Is Jarig en de Vlaggen Hangen Uit

Nov – Dec 2022

The Stadskantoor Utrecht

This is a project devised by Kunstliefde for the celebration of Utrecht 900 years of city rights.


In ten Utrecht neighbourhoods, an artist, seamstress and the local residents conceived and made a neighbourhood banner using waste fabric. The ten banners together form a special and personal portrait of the city.

Group exhibition at Casco Art Institute

Sep. 2022

Group exhibition with alumni of the Masters of Fine Art, presented by Mutual support Platform (MSP). At Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, Utrecht, Netherlands


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Reflection Pods


Exhibtion at The Creative Playground, Utrecht, Netherlands

Reflection Pods

(Size: 21 x 120.5cm each)

The Reflection Pods presented in this exhibition are made from rescued wood and created with the
intention to quiet the busyness of the external world. They invite you to step inwards, to
connect with oneself and with nature–from whence we came.

Both of the Reflection Pods are situated within a larger social art project called The Creative Playground, which is part of Angelina’s art practice and is co-created with like-minded visionaries.

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Mango and Me


Group exhibitions:

Re-Nature, Den Bosch, Netherlands,

Moira Utrecht, Netherlands ,

A Short Film 8’48”

The short film Mango & Me follows a child’s journey through natural and man-made habitats and explores another perspective on
dwelling in, and dealing with, shifting turbulent times.

The film invites the viewer to step into a moment where they can travel through time. Our past and present history as humans seems to be on repeat and only getting worse.

The underpinning factor of the way we engage and negotiate with and within our environment determines current and future results. And whether we dawn on a utopian or dystopian approach we still have to live in and deal with the present moment in time.

This film raises all these elements to the surface in a clear and simple format, while capturing a perspective that could be used when tackling current global issues.



Artist’s Treasure Hunt


Exhibition for the Belofte at Kunstliefde gallery in Utrecht Netherlands. 

Collaboration with artist Joyce Overheul.

Choices and decisions, paths and pitstops are all, seemingly invisible, parts of the journey of an artist. This journey as an artist can’t be easily split from daily life as a lot of it, most of it, all of it, flows over and into each other. They consciously and subconsciously affect each other. Some paths taken are circumstantial some are deliberate, intentional, designed or planed. Some are value driven, others to push against the status quo, others are taken to fit in or reach a particular trajectory.

Monetary value also feeds into how this game is played. It dangles in front of you, a gleaming box with the promise illusion that you might obtain it. The choice made in the game seem to be evasive towards the pot of luck. However, some play for the pot and others, choose for the fun of the game alone. Others are so fixated on finding rules and structure that they forget it’s a game. Others are settled and don’t bother with the money but casually make choices without a concern about the outcome or results.

But what begs the question is… Where did the money come from? Is it from a fund? Is it from the government? Is it privately funded? Or is it from the artists themselves as an investment into a social interaction? A leap of faith! An inquisitiveness of what would peek the players interest and the choices they would make when faced with these invisible layers of life and art.

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Bob & Bits


Group exhibition by Het Klimaatmuseum at the Central Station in Utrecht Netherlands. 

Artwork collaboration with artist Jur de Vries

The idea of creating, Bob and Bits, came with using the analogy of a claw machine game. Bob as an artist, is surround by wealth of art, which essentially is made up of materials that he could very well use in his own creative practice. But there is a disconnect within this art game and that’s what is being questioned with the Bob & Bits artwork.


During the making process of Bob and Bits the ideology of repurposing materials was constantly and consciously incorporated as much as possible. It took looking in different places to get materials, such as the kringloop, instead of just buy things brand new, but it was amazing to see the variety of materials available that could be reused.

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Graduation Exhibition


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HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands.

A collection of all the materials that were going to be thrown away from the HKU at the end of the semester were put on display and exhibited. An interactive as in interactive element, the visitors were invited to swap and exchange materials throughout the exhibition.

Curated Exhibition


This was one-week exhibition at Tuub, were artist Angelina Kumar curated materials from the LDD stores and then invited 4 artists play with and expand their practice through incorporating the materials provided.

Performance by Johanna Talja

Installations by Sophie Spekle

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Moving installation by Jonathan Stavleu 

Performance by Victor Crepsley

Tickin Dinner


Group Exhibition – Tickin Dinner – Utrecht, The Netherlands


Utrecht Netherlands

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