Angelina Kumar

Date of Birth: 29, November, 1986

Nationality: British

Born in New Delhi, India.

With a background in social work Angelina has always found a way to interlink art with social and ecological topics.



Artist statement

As an artist and mother my concerns for the environment and love for the arts intertwine. The role art plays in society to affect and create change over time is a driving force in my practice.

My modus operandi is to create playful experiences and experimental engagements around these issues. This triggers the subconscious mind on different levels, ideas are explored, new things are discovered and developed.

For some projects long-term change requires time and nurturing, so another stage of my process is to research and customise platforms or communal activities to foster and facilitate growth.

My practice entails collaborating with art institutions, collectives, art academies, galleries and public spaces by developing projects that surround social or ecological subjects.

Research report 



September 2019 to date Masters of Fine Art at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands.


2019 Bachelor of Fine Art degree at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands.


2018 Course Business Modelling Creative Industry of Arts and Economics HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Utrecht Netherlands.





November 2019 Exhibiting at the Le Mini Who event Utrecht Netherlands 

October 2019 (Group) Het Klimaatmuseum, Central station Utrecht, Netherlands

March 2019, Eco Art Festival (Group), Hosted by Erasmus Sustainability Hub, MONO, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2018, Tick’in Dinner (Group), Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht, Netherlands
2010, (Group), Art Bengaluru, Bengaluru, India 
2009, (Group) Gallery 5, New Delhi, India



July/August 2017 Impakt Headquarters, Utrecht, Netherlands 



June 2017, BAK Basis Voor Actuele Kunst, Utrecht, Netherlands   



2016, Marina Bay Beach Resort, Goa, India, (1 mixed media painting)

2016, Estrela Do Mar Resort, Goa, India, (6 sculptures, 9 paintings, 2 outdoor wall installations)

2015, Padi Diving school, Goa, India, (Wall Mural, Indoor)

2015, Big Daddy Restaurant, Goa, India, (Wall Mural, Indoor) 

2009, Reverb Club, Noida, New Delhi, India, (Wall Mural, Indoor)



2013, Mumbai, India,(2 acrylic paintings & 1 rice paper painting) 

2012, Mumbai, India, (1 mixed medium painting)

2011, Bengaluru, India, (Wall Mural)

2011, Bengaluru, India, (3 acrylic paintings)

2010, Mumbai, India, (2 acrylic paintings)

2010, Bengaluru, India, (1 acrylic painting)

2010, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (1 oil paintings) 

2009, New Delhi, India, (3 acrylic paintings)

2008, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, (1 oil painting)




2019 – 2017, LDD – Lucrative Dumpster Dives, four art swap shops, Utrecht, Netherlands.

2018, World clean up day Utrecht

2018, Repetition video performance

2017, Garbage tossing competition

2017, DIY mini landfill

2017, Kaleidoscope bin installation 

2016, Smoke Machine


2017, 2 paintings, Private collection, New Delhi, India

2017, 3 paintings, private collection, Bengaluru, India

2016, 2 paintings, private collection, New Delhi, India

2016, 1 painting, private collection, Kolkata, India

2016, 1, private collection, Mumbai, India

2009, 1, private collection, New Delhi, India