Educational Workshops and Seminars

Through ongoing workshops and seminars for students, circular design thinking concepts and ecological sustainability are openly explored and expressed. The aim is to allow the students to discover their own interest within these topics and to subconsciously generate their own methods for ecological sustainability within their practice. Some of the assignments are designed in manner that the students start with questioning the types of materials they use or could use, where they source the material from, how they use it and what happens when the experiment is finished.

Sustainable Design

Design students at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, Netherlands.

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“Sowing Sustainable Prospects: Explore the Landscape of Leidsche Rijn and Imagine the Future” Workshop.

Sept. 2020

In collaborations with artist Merel Zwarts and Postdoctoral Researcher – Corelia Baibarach-Duignan from the Utrecht University and at the Traveling Farm Museum location in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, Netherlands.


• 45mins Collecting walk (groups, packages, give a role to each person)
Themes: Food, nature and sustainability. Their associations. (photos, collection of materials and notes.) observations, ask other people questions… in the notebook…

• Mapping: present what the experiences were and what was collected. Putting objects that have relationship to it, connecting or contrasting etc… (Pick/writing up themes that come out of the constitution.)

• Show the video Mango & Me, Speculation: take an item/object or character and its story… (Past, Present, Future)

• Storytelling: Pick your favourite object that will then represent a character, theme, location could be the starting point from the walk. At least 2 places in time… Open ending story for someone to add too it…. On larger paper. Future focused!


2 Week Seminar “Revenge of the Stuff”

For the HKU Media students October & November 2019 (In collaboration with Mina Stojanovic)

Students explored, expressed and exhibited various perspectives our consumer behaviour. Examples such as: making music with trash, conducting questionnaires, showcasing the consumer behaviours imparted to children from a young age, exploring the invention of machines that produce art materials in a circular sustainable manner and much more.

Installation workshop and drawing


For 1st year fine art student had to incorporate and use excess materials from the LDD, Lucrative Dumpster Dives, stores in an installation and drawing lesson.


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4 Elements Workshop


A workshop for 1st first year fine art students. Within the surroundings of a forest the students were given only scissors and rope and in teams of four had to express the four elements.